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Welcome to my Wiki for my novel - Pirates of Polperro (working title!)

Now, if you happened upon this page by chance, and have no idea what this is all about, I shall explain.

This is the place where I plan out the lives of my characters, mainly by using face claims and writing their biographies. This helps me keep track of events throughout the novel so as to not have anything overlapping or contradicting.

Image Usage

The images I use here on the Wiki are from various TV shows; I have no affiliation with the BBC, ITV or any other TV broadcasting networks/channels. The images are simply used as a guide, and I gain no profit whatsoever from using them here, as they are simply used for illustrative purposes for the Wiki.

Wiki Contributions

Dramatis Personae

Admiral Sir Edward Pellew

Captain Thomas Tollemache

Dorothea Tollemache

Pownoll Pellew

Fleetwood Pellew

Lady Susan Pellew

Admiral Sir Charles ________

Thomasina Pellew (Tollemache)

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